Timberfast provides an broad range for all your framing & trussing needs including:

  • Minimum bottom chord depth on all standard roof trusses is 90mm.
  • All hip roof construction is done as fully trussed unless discussed with client.
  • Roof layout is done on CAD A3 size in colour and comes plastic laminated for wet weather protection.
  • A site measure service is available for extensions to existing houses.
  • If in doubt we ask and never assume.
  • Practically no job is too big, too small or too complicated and every job is treated with the same care regardless of the price.
  • Technical advice is available free of charge.
  • Roof engineering for special situations is available at very reasonable rates.
  • All trusses are designed by MiTek to the relevant SAA codes.
  • All trusses are labelled in factory to match the position shown on the roof layout.
  • All truss timber is seasoned, MGP graded.
  • Truss is located at crown end on all hips.
  • Gable end is supplied with step-down truss and outriggers, not blocks to standard truss.